Marketing Intelligence

Transformative projects increasing the digital maturity of companies

Marketing intelligence should guide the decisions of marketers in companies. By aggregating data about customers, their behavior, and industry trends from multiple sources, companies can build a holistic understanding of what is working and what is not and this can give them a competitive advantage. Combining marketing technology and business intelligence, Digitl helps companies tackle the complexity of the marketing landscape and develop unique paths to navigating digital transformation through maturity projects.

Marketing and technology infrastructur for digital maturity assessment of companies
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Marketing Automation

Developing and implementing solutions streamlining marketing efforts to make them more effective and efficient - the team at Digitl conducts a review of tech setups and designs custom marketing automation solutions deploying marketing platforms and cloud technologies to fit into the business and tech infrastructure of companies and their needs.

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Data Integration and -Usage

Managing data can be challenging - with the support of Digitl, marketers can unify data from multiple sources, including their marketing platforms, CRM and CDP as well as e-commerce solutions, to gather actionable insights. When marketing platforms and cloud technologies are used together, marketing teams can bring valuable business data directly to their digital campaigns.

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Advanced Media Strategies

Every customer is unique - the Pareto principle states that 20% of a company's customers are responsible for 80% of its revenue. Digitl helps companies set up the infrastructure to automate data preparation, consolidation and analysis to predict KPIs such as customer lifetime value, conversion probability or even margin and use them as predictive audiences automated for activation and/ or optimization with value-based bidding; automates the process of identifying brand-safe, target group-specific environments; helps set up cross-system automated activation processes and much more.