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Digitl Partners with Lunio

Digitl is proud Lunio partner, the leaders in click fraud prevention. This collaboration will help provide top protection and insights to brands and agencies to enhance their online advertising.

Who is Lunio?

Lunio leads the fight against click fraud, offering cutting-edge solutions that ensure your ad clicks comes from genuine, interested customers. Their dedication to transparency and optimization in digital advertising makes them an essential ally for brands and agencies alike.

How Lunio works

Block Fake & Invalid Traffic in 3 Simple Steps

1. Gather Advertising Insights:

Collect data on advertising traffic to create effective exclusion groups on various platforms.

2. Examine & Filter Out Unwanted Data:

Prevent invalid traffic to safeguard your budget and block false interactions that skew your campaign’s analytics.

3. Adapt & Progress:

Review the behavior of traffic after the click and analyze conversion information to consistently enhance your targeting strategies for audiences.

End wasted time, wasted spend and data disruption.

Digitl’s Commitment to Client Success

As a dedicated Google Marketing Platform partner and reseller, Digitl specializes in customizing solutions that not only protect your advertising investments but also significantly enhance your campaign performance. By leveraging Lunio’s technology, Digitl brings a new dimension of security and efficiency to our clients’ digital initiatives.

Celebrating Success

We take inspiration from the numerous success stories Lunio has cultivated. Clients have seen remarkable improvements in campaign efficacy and cost-efficiency, underscoring the tangible benefits of Lunio’s sophisticated technology.

Discover how Lunio has transformed the digital ad space:

Exploring these success stories

Unmatched Integration Capabilities

Lunio seamlessly integrates with a multitude of advertising platforms and channels to ensure comprehensive protection and optimization of your marketing efforts.

Lunio’s cross-platform adaptability secures campaigns against fraud, enabling brands and agencies to confidently scale their marketing strategies with protected investments.

Lunio is continuously evolving in order to stop fraud where it matters to you the most.

Search Platforms

Google Ads

Search Ads 360




Social Networks


formerly Facebook


formerly Twitter




Display and Video Networks

Display and Video 360





Optimize Google Ads with Lunio

Take advantage of Lunio to elevate your ad performance and safeguard your budget with key features developed for Google ads:

Instant Insights:

Choose date ranges to view clicks from legitimate, suspicious, and invalid sources.

Active Ad Protection:

Monitor IP blocks and manage ad account statuses.

Ad Analytics:

Quick filters for campaign, keyword, and location stats with visual health scores.

Targeted Analysis

Identify risky keywords, track invalid click locations, and analyze daily trends for strategic decisions.

How Digitl Brands and Agencies Can Leverage Lunio

Our partnership with Lunio is more than a feature – it’s a pivotal element in our service offering that underscores our commitment to providing maximum value to our clients:

for Brands

Digitl empowers brands to realize their full potential online by protecting their ad spend and providing clear, actionable insights for decision-making.

for Agencies

Digitl enables agencies to offer their clients robust ad security and optimization, which, in turn, strengthens client trust and campaign results

Unlocking Synergies

Lunio and Google Platforms for Digitl Clients

Digitl leverages the power of Lunio alongside Google Platforms to deliver exceptional campaign management for its clients. By combining Lunio’s advanced capabilities with the robust features of Google Analytics 4, Display & Video 360, and Google Cloud, Digitl unlocks a wealth of benefits:

Optimized Campaign Performance

Lunio protects your campaigns from ad fraud, ensuring genuine user data in Google Analytics 4 for more accurate insights and optimized performance.

Actionable Audience Intelligence

Lunio’s fraud filtering enhances Google Analytics 4’s audience insights and segments pushed to Display & Video 360 to be more precise with ad targeting and improved campaign effectiveness.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Lunio ensures Google Cloud receives fraud-free data, enabling reliable campaign analysis and data-driven refinements.

Through this strategic partnership, Digitl empowers you to reach real audiences and maximize your return on ad spend. You’ll gain valuable insights from trustworthy data, strengthening your brand’s digital footprint with confidence.

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