Advanced Media Strategies

Marketing Intelligence

Every customer is unique - the Pareto principle states that 20% of a company's customers are responsible for 80% of its revenue. Digitl helps companies set up the infrastructure to automate data preparation, consolidation and analysis to predict KPIs such as customer lifetime value, conversion probability or even margin and use them as predictive audiences automated for activation and/ or optimization with value-based bidding; automates the process of identifying brand-safe, target group-specific environments; helps set up cross-system automated activation processes and much more.

Arrow Right Automation of Inclusion and Exclusion Lists 
Arrow Right Custom bidding based on margin data 
Arrow Right Automated content and performance optimization for YouTube campaigns 

Project Plan

Arrow Right Simple Identification and prioritization of individual challenges 
Arrow Right Simple Identification of the project and definition of its scope and objectives 
Arrow Right Simple Creation of the project plan and setup of the project management 
Arrow Right Simple Project execution on the company's technical infrastructure 
Arrow Right Simple Presentation of the results in a workshop and activation of the project output 
Arrow Right Simple Implementation of a multivariate testing to evaluate the quality of the result in comparison to previous and/or traditional alternative methods 
Arrow Right Simple Readjustment as needed and rollout to all relevant activities of the company