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Digital Analytics - Projects and Services for GA4 and GA4 360

Google Analytics is at the heart of the Google Marketing Platform. Digitl supports companies in the implementation and setup of the free version as well as Google Analytics 4 360, including strategic consulting for optimal integration into the technical infrastructure as well as the use of data and analysis of reports. The team also assists clients with advanced analysis and data science projects for Universal Analytics.

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Google Analytics
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Google Analytics

Google Marketing Platform

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GA4 Implementation

Technical integration and setup of GA4: project planning, requirements gathering, proposal of best practices, definition of the tracking concept, quality assurance, trainings and setup of the account until the final handover. Digitl performs professional implementation of the free version as well as Analytics 360.

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GA4 Migration

Migration from the previous setup of Universal Analytics to the new GA4. Professional project planning, implementation and quality assurance as well as training and education of employees to optimize their own setup for the future of Google Analytics in time.

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Tag Management

Business analysis and development of a data layer and tagging concept to track the acitivities of users on digital properties covering the business and conversion goals of companies - the team at Digitl designs a tag structure considering the setup of the website and/ or app, helps with the implementation and the quality assurance while respecting legal requirements.

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Marketing Platform Integration

Google Analytics is usually only one part of the overall marketing technology stack. By integrating additional data, linking with a CRM or even exporting raw data to other databases, the use of Google Analytics can be significantly increased. Digitl creates concepts for optimal integration and implements the projects technically.

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Workshops & Trainings

Workshops and trainings for individuals or even groups can significantly increase the use and increase the understanding of Google Analytics in the company. Digitl creates customized workshops and trainings that address the specific requirements of businesses and their industry. The workshops are aimed at analysts as well as marketers and developers.

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Advanced Analytics

Predictive modeling, machine learning projects, marketing automation - Digitl helps companies develop and set up pipelines that combine Google Analytics data with other data sources such as e-commerce tools, CRM or CDP solutions to make the best and most comprehensive sense of companies' data.

When to license GA360

Arrow Right Do you want to own the data from the business marketing activities and/ or have an in-house team?
Arrow Right Are you looking for transparency across the marketing tools?
Arrow Right Then licensing the GMP tools is the right move forward.