Marketing Automation

Marketing Intelligence

Developing and implementing solutions streamlining marketing efforts to make them more effective and efficient - the team at Digitl conducts a review of tech setups and designs custom marketing automation solutions deploying marketing platforms and cloud technologies to fit into the business and tech infrastructure of companies and their needs.

Arrow Right Cross-system campaigning automation 
Arrow Right Automated prediction-based activation 
Arrow Right Automated security control 

Project Plan

Arrow Right Simple Identification and prioritization of individual challenges 
Arrow Right Simple Identification of the project and definition of its scope and objectives 
Arrow Right Simple Creation of the project plan and setup of the project management 
Arrow Right Simple Audit of available technical infrastructure for automation 
Arrow Right Simple Implementation/ extension of standardized processes for the purpose of subsequent automation 
Arrow Right Simple Project implementation on the company's technical infrastructure 
Arrow Right Simple Training of the units and partners of the company and project handover 
Arrow Right Simple Ongoing maintenance & support