Data Integration and -usage

Marketing Intelligence

Managing data can be challenging - with the support of Digitl, marketers can unify data from multiple sources, including their marketing platforms, CRM and CDP as well as e-commerce solutions, to gather actionable insights. When marketing platforms and cloud technologies are used together, marketing teams can bring valuable business data directly to their digital campaigns.

Arrow Right Marketing Insights 
Arrow Right Audience segmentation 
Arrow Right Customer experience 
Arrow Right Assessment 

Project Plan

Arrow Right Simple Identification and prioritization of individual challenges 
Arrow Right Simple Creation of a data road-map tailored to the specific needs and infrastructure of the company 
Arrow Right Simple Identification of projects and definition of their scope and objectives 
Arrow Right Simple Ensuring that the data is available and gathering all relevant marketing data in one place 
Arrow Right Simple Data quality check and exploratory data analysis 
Arrow Right Simple Creation of insights using custom artificial intelligence solutions/ using machine learning methodologies to analyze customer data and discover insights and patterns 
Arrow Right Simple Presentation of the results and activation of the generated insights