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Display & Video 360 is an end-to-end campaign management platform for enterprises - from media planning, inventory negotiation and setup of deals, to creative deployment to measurement and optimization. Digitl helps companies set up the account structure and links of Display & Video 360 to other tools, establish an activation strategy leveraging the value proposition of DV360 as part of the Google Marketing Platform and offers day-to-day consultancy, support, ongoing optimization and workshops.

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Display Video 360
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Display & Video 360

Google Marketing Platform

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Tool Implementation

Account structure design and setup of Display & Video 360: project planning, requirements analysis, proposal of best practices, establishment of links to other platforms such as Ads Data Hub, YouTube channel, setup of (international) naming convention, setup of a playbook for all stakeholders, quality assurance, trainings and account handover. Digitl performs the professional implementation of Display & Video 360.

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Marketing Platform Integration

Display & Video 360 is typically just one part of the overall marketing technology stack. By linking with Campaign Manager 360 and an YouTube channel, exporting data to BigQuery for reconciliation and combining with other data sources such as CRM, the added value can be significantly increased by leveraging the value proposition of best-in-class integrations between Google technologies. Digitl creates concepts for optimal integration and implements the projects technically.

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Workshops & Trainings

Workshops and training for individuals or groups can significantly increase the usefulness of Display & Video 360 and improve the understanding of media activation in the company. Digitl creates customized workshops and trainings that address the specific needs of companies and their industry. The workshops are aimed at the company's management, departments, but also at its partners such as agencies.

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Advanced Media Strategies

Every customer is unique - the Pareto principle states that 20% of companies' customers account for 80% of their sales. Digitl supports businesses in establishing the infrastructure for automating the process of data consolidation and analysis to predict KPIs such as customer lifetime value, conversion probability or even sales. Based on the results of these analysis, Digitl builds predictive audiences ready for activation in Display & Video 360.

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Digital Maturity Projects

Custom bidding, the adoption of content and performance optimization solutions - Digitl helps companies assess their level of digital maturity and set a path for transformative projects enabling them to achieve a state of constantly delivering relevant content to consumers at multiple moments across their customer journey.

When to license DV360?

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