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Google Analytics 360

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Benefits of Working with Digitl

Service Packages Icon

Service Packages

Digitl offers custom service packages to meet business needs. It is our goal to balance needs with the ability to best meet them, as no two businesses are the same. Our services include:

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Industry Experts Knowledge

Our industry experts bring many years of experience and provide personalized guidance. There are no chat bots or generic replies, industry experts are present from day one.

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Implementation Model

Digitl follows a rigorous implementation model that includes kick-offs, stakeholder management, project management, and clear deliverables scoping to achieve successful implementations.

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Global / Local Level Billing

Billing at various organizational levels, with many distinct entities or across GMP tools, can be overwhelming. Digitl has built its billing system to be as flexible and granular as required.

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Workshops & Trainings

GMP success depends on tool adoption. We ensure all users become power users by providing tool-specific training plans and tailored deep-dive workshops.

Setup Optimization Icon

Setup Optimization

Audit data cost for a GA4 migration and across cloud services to reduce or avoid extra costs. Digitl looks for ways to optimize all sources of costs generated across the GMP and Google Cloud tech stack. Avoid spending more than what is required.

Moving along the project journey

Start with the basics

Start with the basics


License request




Rollout & migration

Platform architecture

Account structure & access

Implementation Guide

Get going

Get going


Testing & quality assurance

Regular checkins

Global / local billing & invoices

Closing workshop

Look beyond

Look beyond


Google cooperation

Industry knowledge exchange

Access to BETA versions of features and capabilities

Data-driven use cases across departments, e.g. Cloud team




Workshops & trainings


Checkins & Jour fixes

Team retro

Explore the case studies

Digitl helps digital companies set up and leverage marketing technology.

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