Marketing Mix Modeling

Data Science Project

Marketing mix modeling identifies the significant influence of marketing activities on online and offline conversions or sales and thus provides a solid basis for data-driven budget decisions. Classic statistical methods, such as regression analysis, are used to calculate the proportional value contribution of marketing channels, their ROI and impact duration. Based on this, forecasting models for budget scenarios can be created.

Arrow Right Evaluation of marketing efficiency 
Arrow Right Influence of seasonal effects 
Arrow Right Automated model updates 

Project Plan

Arrow Right Simple Definition of the marketing channels and the modeling setup 
Arrow Right Simple Ensuring data availability 
Arrow Right Simple Checking data quality and preparing data 
Arrow Right Simple Explorative, descriptive data analysis 
Arrow Right Simple Modeling of the marketing mix 
Arrow Right Simple Visualization of decomposition and calculation of ROI 
Arrow Right Simple Calculation of the forecast model 
Arrow Right Simple Presentation of results and activation