Advanced Analysis

Data Science Project

The GMP tools already offer numerous reports and thus a wide range of analysis options. After initial analyses, the limits of the possibilities are quickly reached, especially when it comes to individual questions. This is exactly where Advanced Analyses come in. The available raw data, from a wide variety of sources, is systematically analyzed with a clear focus, using both classic statistical analysis methods and machine learning algorithms. The calculations are implemented with BigQuery, Python and VertexAI, for example.

Arrow Right Audience - Customer Segmentation 
Arrow Right Acquisition - Marketing Performance 
Arrow Right User behavior 

Project Plan

Arrow Right Simple Identification and prioritization of individual issues 
Arrow Right Simple Preparation of project plan and ensuring data availability 
Arrow Right Simple Check of data quality and preparation of data 
Arrow Right Simple Exploratory data analysis and execution of advanced analysis 
Arrow Right Simple Presentation of results and activation of generated insights