Workshops & Trainings

Ad Technology Project

Through dedicated workshops and training for individuals or groups, the use of the Google Marketing Platform AdTech tools in the company can be significantly increased and the quality of the planning and steering of activities can be improved both strategically and operationally. Digitl prepares and conducts customized trainings including follow-up and addresses specific requirements of the target group, the company and the industry. The workshops are aimed at both management and specific departments.

Arrow Right Handover workshop(s) for internal & external stakeholders to introduce the account setup(s) & documentation 
Arrow Right Topic-specific trainings by stakeholder 
Arrow Right Trainings for new features and functionalities & topic specific deep dives 

Project Plan

Arrow Right Simple Initial workshop to discuss the technical infrastructure and determine setup- and tracking needs and -requirements. 
Arrow Right Simple Training(s) on the implemented account structure with all stakeholders incl. documentation in the sense of step-by-step usage instructions. 
Arrow Right Simple Development of an individual support concept, if necessary in accordance with stakeholder groups in the company, including training requirements. 
Arrow Right Simple Preparation, execution, and follow-up of regular/ needs-based and topic-specific workshops for the presentation of new functionalities, features, and tool developments as well as for deep-dives into topics of interest.