Tool Implementation

Ad Technology Project

Business and tech review, requirement analysis, and conceptual design of the infrastructure and setup of the AdTech tools, considering company-specific factors, well-established and newly developed functionalities of the tools, industry knowledge, and best practices to enable an integrated, holistic, and tailored delivery of campaigns on Google advertising technology. Digitl performs the professional setup of Display & Video 360, Campaign Manager 360, and Search Ads 360 and assists with the integration of the AdTech tools within the Google Marketing Platform into the existing business and technical infrastructure.

Arrow Right Audit of your current setup 
Arrow Right Kick-off workshop 
Arrow Right Implementation guide 
Arrow Right Account setup 
Arrow Right Handover workshop 

Project Plan

Arrow Right Simple Examination of how the industry, the company’s business, the existing tech setup and assets (e.g. website, etc.), and the current activities and goals impact the digital marketing efforts. 
Arrow Right Simple Initial meeting to discuss the technical infrastructure and determine setup as well as tracking needs and requirements. 
Arrow Right Simple Document outlining all implementation details discussed/ step-by-step implementation instructions. 
Arrow Right Simple Quality assurance & data evaluation; deployment of the required settings within the AdTech tools of the Google Marketing Platform. 
Arrow Right Simple Trainings on the account structure with all stakeholders and decision on next steps.