Support & Optimization

Ad Technology Project

Ongoing support and assistance with ad-hoc requests to address specific strategic and operational requirements, while considering industry-, company-, and department-specific needs and challenges. Development and introduction of dedicated optimization concepts and recommendations to unlock existing opportunities and achieve strategic advantages in the deployment of the Google Marketing Platform infrastructure.

Arrow Right Ongoing support 
Arrow Right Support with ad-hoc requests 
Arrow Right Presentation of new features and functionalities & topic-specific deep dives 
Arrow Right Proactive and needs-based presentation of optimization concepts and recommendations 

Project Plan

Arrow Right Simple Development of a customized support concept, stakeholder (groups)-specific, if applicable. 
Arrow Right Simple Development of an individual Digital Maturity framework for the implementation of projects with a transformative impact on the business, regular revision and expansion where meaningful. 
Arrow Right Simple Development of a goal catalog for the continuous enhancement, expansion, and optimization of the setups. 
Arrow Right Simple Preparation, execution, and follow-up of regular/ needs-based and topic-specific workshops for the presentation of new functionalities, features, and tool developments as well as for deep-dives into topics of interest. 
Arrow Right Simple Proactive introduction of optimization concepts and needs-based optimization recommendations.