Advanced Marketing Intelligence

Ad Technology Project

By integrating the AdTech tools of the Google Marketing Platform with Google Analytics, merging the data with other data sources, consolidating the data with the data from the CRM system, exporting and processing it in BigQuery, etc., innovative approaches can be adopted to better understand user behavior, achieve significant improvements in the efficiency of campaign management and the quality of business processes. Digitl advises and creates concepts for Advanced Marketing Intelligence projects around topics such as optimal tool integration, data processing, -analysis and -use, etc. and implements the projects technically.

Arrow Right Tailored digital maturity framework 
Arrow Right Ideation, conceptualization, planning, and technical implementation of transformative projects 
Arrow Right Maintenance & ongoing support 

Project Plan

Arrow Right Simple Initial workshop to assess the status quo and current challenges and needs. 
Arrow Right Simple Development of a tailored framework for sustainable improvement of the maturity of digital marketing in the company. 
Arrow Right Simple Development, presentation, and discussion of ideas with transformative character for the company. 
Arrow Right Simple Concept development, planning, and technical implementation of the projects, project management with internal and external stakeholder analysis and stakeholder management at the interfaces. 
Arrow Right Simple Maintenance & ongoing support for realized projects.