Better data quality with server-side tracking

2023-07-04 | Case study | Insights

Server-side tracking provides a more robust, secure and scalable solution for tracking user behaviour, while offering more flexibility and customisation. We want to be ready for the future of tracking and want the best tracking solutions. Server-side tracking gives us the ability to improve privacy and security, greater flexibility in terms of customisation and configuration of tracking, and last but not least, more accurate tracking.

Benedict Ernst | Product Owner

Server-Side Property with all the necessary data

More than 50 new generated GA4 Events

Server-Side GTM setup with the ability to improve data quality and enrich data

The challenge

The challenge

Lascana is a renowned brand in the fashion and lingerie industry, offering high-quality products to women worldwide. Their collections are designed to make women feel confident, comfortable, and stylish. To stay competitive in the digital landscape, Lascana understands the importance of data-driven insights. By embracing innovative technologies, such as Google Tag Manager server-side tracking, Lascana is paving the way for improved data accuracy and a deeper understanding of customer behavior. The implementation of server-side tracking through Google Tag Manager allows Lascana to capture valuable data points that were previously challenging to obtain. This enhanced data quality opens up new possibilities for analyzing customer interactions, optimizing marketing campaigns, and personalizing the shopping experience.

The approach

The approach

In their pursuit of a seamless transition to GA4, the Digitl team has gone above and beyond, crafting a brand-new tracking concept that caters specifically to their needs. But they didn't stop there. The team also delved into the development of the architecture landscape for server-side tracking, meticulously considering the ideal interaction between client GTM, server GTM, Google Cloud Products, and the server instances.

The primary objective was to achieve a stable integration while optimizing the performance utilization of the server instances. This ensures that the incoming hit volumes are processed accurately and efficiently. By carefully monitoring the server instance, the team can effectively identify and analyze the parameters being sent to the endpoint.

With this comprehensive approach, Lascana is well-positioned to harness the power of GA4 and maximize their tracking capabilities. By leveraging the robust architecture and intelligent tracking system, Lascana can make data-driven decisions, gain valuable insights, and ultimately enhance their digital business performance. The meticulous attention to detail and focus on optimal performance demonstrate Lascana's commitment to staying at the forefront of technology in the fashion and lingerie industry.

The results

The results

Lascana has taken a significant step forward in its tracking capabilities with the implementation of GA4 server-side tracking, powered by Cloud Run. This innovative approach allows for seamless scaling of server instances to meet increasing request volumes.

One of the key advantages of server-side tracking is the enhanced control over data, enabling Lascana to enrich and customize data in compliance with the new GDPR guidelines. With the implementation of the Digitl Privacy Template, Lascana can seamlessly adapt to the evolving data privacy landscape.

Through a direct comparison between client-side tracking and server-side tracking, Lascana has observed a remarkable uplift of approximately 15% for certain events. This improvement translates into more accurate data analysis, improved attribution modeling, and a better understanding of actual purchases on the website.

With the newfound insights and capabilities provided by GA4 server-side tracking, Lascana can make informed decisions to optimize their marketing efforts, enhance customer experiences, and drive business growth. The ability to precisely analyze data and attribute conversions gives Lascana a competitive edge in the dynamic fashion industry.

By leveraging the power of server-side tracking and harnessing the benefits of Cloud Run, Lascana is poised to elevate its data analytics game, delivering even more personalized experiences to its valued customers. This strategic investment underscores Lascana's commitment to staying ahead of the curve and continuously improving its digital presence.

Fabio Canonica

Fabio Canonica

Senior Consultant Digital Analytics

The Goals

  • Future proof tracking
  • Better data quality

The Approach

  • Define brand new tracking strategy
  • Develope tracking solution with server side tracking

The Results

  • Future proof tracking solutions
  • Ability to enrich data with server side tracking
  • A solid GCP architecture

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