Automating Campaign Manager 360 (CM360) and Display and Video 360 Campaigns (DV360) with Google Cloud Technologies

2023-06-22 | Article | Insights

All companies face the challenge of automating campaign setup and execution. To achieve this, Digitl leverages Google Cloud technologies and APIs. The solution aims to streamline the process, reduce manual errors, and make campaign setup more efficient to put the focus on the most important aspects of programmatic advertising, such as targeting, optimisation, and performance analysis. By automating the campaign setup and execution process, Digitl can free up valuable time and resources from the team in charge, allowing them to focus on the creative and strategic aspects of advertising.

Why not use the bulk editing capabilities in CM360 and DV360?

Campaign Manager 360 and Display & Video 360 already offer various bulk editing features that streamline tedious tasks in bulk. In Campaign Manager 360, users can bulk edit campaign components such as sites, placements, creatives, and advertiser information such as floodlights and audiences. Similarly, in Display & Video 360, bulk editing allows for the application of changes at scale across advertisers, campaigns, insertion orders, and line items. Nevertheless, these capabilities currently work as isolated bulk uploads, requiring different templates for each use case. While this reduces repetitive tasks, it still involves significant coordination and can be cumbersome due to having to create the templates, run each one separately and still requires some manual steps can also lead to human error. Automating through APIs can unify campaign content and orchestrate all these bulk editing capabilities, making it possible to manage one or many campaigns seamlessly from beginning to just before going live, without the need to bulk edit from one part of the tool to another.

The Role of Google APIs

This is why Digitl has implemented multiple Google APIs to automate the campaign setup process. These include the Campaign Manager 360 API, the Display & Video 360 API, the Google Sheets API, and the Google Drive API. The Campaign Manager 360 API allows the creation of landing pages, campaigns, placements, creatives, and ads. The Display & Video 360 API helps create campaigns, insertion orders, and line items with their respective configurations. The solution uses the Google Sheets API as a database to read and write campaign information, and the Google Drive API to upload and download creatives with a specific naming convention. By using these APIs, Digitl can automate much of the campaign setup process.

The Role of Google Cloud

As Digitl uses a Google Spreadsheet as a database, Google App Script is available for the application development. In addition, Google Cloud technologies are also integrated to make the system more robust and efficient. Specifically, Google Cloud Functions (2nd gen) is used as the backend to process all the data required for the automation. This allows the system to scale up or down based on demand, and only pay for the resources that are being used. Essentially, App Script and Cloud Functions (2nd gen) are used together to create a more stable and future-proof product. Additionally, by using Google Cloud Logging and Monitoring, Digitl can monitor and debug all the executions in real time.

The Benefits of Automation

Automating the campaign setup process provides several benefits for Digitl and its clients. First and foremost, it streamlines workflow and reduces the potential for manual errors, allowing the focus on more strategic aspects of the campaign such as audience targeting and ad optimisation. Furthermore, by utilising Google Cloud technologies, Digitl can create a more efficient and scalable system, making it easier to manage multiple campaigns simultaneously and reducing the time and resources required to execute them. Overall, automation allows Digitl to deliver better results for clients while optimising internal processes.

Automation with human supervision is still critical

Although the campaign process is mainly automated, campaign managers still play a vital role in ensuring the campaign's success. They are responsible for determining when the campaign goes live and monitoring its performance throughout its duration. While automation is a critical aspect of campaign management, it's important to have a human supervisor overseeing the campaign to ensure it stays on track. If any changes need to be made, a person can review the data and make the necessary adjustments. Despite the trend towards automation, it's crucial to recognise that humans are still essential for the process to work effectively. As the saying goes, with great automation comes great responsibility.

Simplifying Campaign Setup with Google Cloud's APIs and Services

To wrap up, by leveraging the power of Google Cloud technologies, Digitl can automate and streamline the process of setting up and executing CM360 and DV360 campaigns. With the help of Cloud Functions (2nd gen), Google Sheets, Google Drive, and other APIs, Digitl created an efficient and scalable system that could handle multiple concurrent requests with a single function instance. The integration with Google Cloud Logging and Monitoring also allowed for easy monitoring and debugging of all executions. As a result, advertisers can now focus on delivering their message to the right audience, at the right time, without getting stuck in the time-consuming and monotonous aspects of the campaign setup.

Interested in automating and streamlining campaign setup and execution processes? Contact Digitl today to leverage the power of Google Cloud technologies and APIs. This solution allows the client to focus on the strategic and creative aspects of programmatic advertising while reducing manual errors and saving valuable time and resources. With the expertise within Digitl in Campaign Manager 360, Display & Video 360, and Google Cloud, Digitl can help simplify campaign setup, improve efficiency, and deliver better results. Reach out to Digitl now to explore how automation can transform advertising campaigns.

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